Welcome (we still have a mortgage)!

Mr. Moore and I had the distinct pleasure of closing on our house, moving in and getting married in a short three month time frame.  Then, just as we were settling into our American Dream, Old Man Winter came and stayed for the next six months.  So, we never quite got off the ground with all our little home improvement projects.

But, finally, it looks like the warm weather is here to stay.  That means we have three months before celebrating our 1 year anniversary, and we’re hoping to do so in a partially finished house!

My project this weekend was all about welcoming people into our home.  Painting our mailbox with our name and the number of our house so hopefully people can find us, and painting our front door RED.

I used the same paint for both projects.  Behr Semi-Gloss Ultra Exterior in Awning Red.  Maybe if we ever get awnings, I will use the same color again.

For the mailbox I used the font Little Lord Fontleroy from dafont.com as inspiration and free-handed it onto the mailbox using a mechanical pencil with smiley faces on it.

Then, went over it using a paint brush probably leftover from a children’s paint set.  I always try to use very high tech materials.

So, now our visitors, the mailman and the hundreds of schoolchildren who walk past our house everyday know exactly where to find The Amazing Moores.

As for the door, I always liked the way a red front door looked (particularly on home with white siding and black shutters, but we haven’t gotten to the residing part of our home improvement yet).  But, as much as I had thought about a red front door, it wasn’t until after I applied the first coat that I began to wonder what a red front door actually means.

To find out the significance of what I had just done, I consulted the most trustworthy of sources: Google.  According to The Almighty, a red door has a few meanings.  Notably, (especially since our home was built in 1897) it was an Early American sign of welcome for weary travelers.  In Eastern culture, it is common among Feng Shui enthusiasts to paint the front door red as a way of welcoming good energy into a home.

I have to admit I breathed a little sigh of relief when I read that.  I was a bit nervous I would end up like a sorority girl who got a Chinese character tattoo because it looked cool and then found out it translated to “drunk girl.”  Maybe I would find that a red door was like a red light outside your home, or like sneakers on a telephone line.  Thank goodness our door color signals little more than “come on in” to travelers and energy alike.

A final, interesting fact is that in Scotland homeowners paint their front door red as a signal that they have paid off their mortgage! Ha!  Well, we’re still pretty far from that, but I think it looks spiffy anyway.

Now, we just need to decide if we should paint the trim red or leave it white…

What do you think??


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