We are at that stage in our lives where everyone is getting married, having babies and buying houses.  Our friends Danielle and Eric got married two years ago, have a baby on the way and just bought a house, so they are leading the pack.

Today we went out to their new home for a housewarming party.  It was the perfect day for a backyard barbecue, too.  I could definitely get used to this 75 and sunny weather!

Normally for a housewarming I channel Mary Bailey from it’s a wonderful life and give bread, salt and wine.  But, I’ve been under the weather all week and didn’t have a chance to make homemade bread, and since Danielle can’t drink the wine for a few more months… Well, if there’s no homemade bread and no wine, it’s just not worth it.

So, we did our best by making a basket filled with colorful pine cones for the fire place and some ornamental grass stolen from the garden.

We also made a cute little card on our computer.

Nothing too fancy, just a sweet little happy home for the happy homeowners.

Making our own cards is something we do pretty frequently for special occasions.  In fact, it’s how we made our wedding invitations.  I draw something by hand, we scan it into the computer and then print it out on nice quality paper.  We even have a paper-cutter/folder that we use to make them look neat, and we print our logo on the back.  Hallmark, watch out!

But, we spent way too much time working on it this afternoon.  We don’t have the right kind of program for these types of projects, so we’re in the market for a new image manipulating/card making computer thingy. (Mr. Moore is the one who handles all computer-y stuff in this house…)

What I REALLY want is a Gocco Press.  Ahhh! I love it so much!!  It is my dream arts and crafts purchase.  It’s exactly the kind of low-tech, high-quality card making system I need.  Maybe Santa will read this and get it for me for Christmas… or maybe another bearded man will read this and get it for me for any reason at all. 🙂

A girl can dream!


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