Ossining Village Fair

So today was our first trip to the Annual Ossining Village Fair on Main Street.  We were really happy that we were able to walk to it from our house.  It was pretty packed, and had a lot of stands.  Of course the first one we stopped at was an Ossining environmental organization.  After taking a survey and a pop quiz they liked the ideas Mrs. Moore wrote down so much that they asked if we wanted to join the cause.  One other thing I found out was that we can now recycle plastics from numbers 1-7 as of June 1st 2011.  They believed it was true for all of Westchester.  I will have to find that out so I can inform all of my co-workers and family members to make sure they know of the new recycling capabilities.

Mrs. Moore chatted it up at a booth where a woman made natural soaps, candles and bug sprays, we entered a drawing for a free iPad 2 from the boy scouts and bumped into a few people we knew.

After passing some normal and some strange booths we saw a trailer that looked to be on fire.  As we got near we saw that it was a demo for kids letting them enter this room of smoke to show them what to do if there was a fire and they needed to find a way out.

They had two dj’s and 2 performing setups at different locations.  When we stopped by the bigger of the two stages we were greeted to the tunes of Elvis.  We waved hi to our neighbor Johnny G doing sound for Elvis.

There were two Jamaican setups on the street which smelled so good, fresh corn on the cob and a crazy Slush Factory.

But, we walked past a table setup outside of Karma Lounge that said they were doing barbeque so we had to stop in once we covered the rest of the fair.  We each had a pulled pork sandwich which was awesome and some ribs to share.  So good.

On our way out we saw a path leading away from main street and somewhat towards our house and Mrs. Moore suggested we take a different route.  It was some sort of bridge with an uneven walk and railings.  At the end there was this old building with an open door and a woman at a table outside.  We inquired and were told the long story of the Croton Dam and the 41 Mile Aqueduct which brought water to NYC back in the 1800s.  We proceeded inside for a closer look at this very interesting building which encompassed a blockade to divert the water in the aqueduct for maintenance.  It was spectacular and we had no idea it even existed.















We went down stairs and into the aqueduct and we immediately felt like we were in a scary movie.  A few minutes later we turned around and saw a police man who appeared behind us.  We joked with him about the perfect cast we now had for this scary movie.  We had the family with a child who liked to ask questions, the young couple on a sightseeing tour, a guide who knew the surroundings and a police man to hopefully rescue us all.  It was a really great experience and we will definitely be going back to explore it again.  All in all we had a great, adventurous day.


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