Ding Dong the Couch is gone

One of the major purchases that we wanted to make for our new house was a new couch.  Mr. Moore and I had always lived on hand-me-down couches (quite happily so…), but felt that we finally needed a grown-up couch.

We went where any other grown-up, DIY, frugal, hippies go for new furniture.


I can’t even remember how long ago we bought our IKEA couch because like any other grown-up, DIY, frugal, hippies… we had to find a new home for our “old” couch.  We (not me) listed it on Craigslist a few times at constantly dropping prices.  Finally, the price dropped to $0.  A pretty sweet deal for a pretty sweet couch, but, we had NO takers!

But! Today! Finally!  After living with a giant IKEA box in our house instead of a brand new couch for far too long, a very lovely young lady agreed to accept our offer of a free couch.

Oh, I was sad to see it go!  But, oh so happy to say hello to our new couch!

We moved the old gal out to the porch and had a few parting moments with her before she was carried off to Brooklyn in a ’94 Chevy Astro.

Then, we filled that little hole in our hearts (and living room) with our BRAND! SPANKING! NEW! IKEA couch.

(After putting it together, of course…)


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