Portugal Day Celebration

After a long day of working on the porch (which Mr. Moore promised he will blog about as soon as it’s done and photographed…), we were ready to forage for leftovers in the refrigerator.  But, Mr. Moore heard music coming from downtown Ossining, so we took a much deserved break to check out the Portugal Day Festival, instead.

As always, we set out for the food truck and tried to get the most authentic food possible.  We ended up with Portuguese Stew and a Pork Steak Sandwich.

You might not think stew makes a very good festival food, and I would agree with you.  You might also think that stew is not the best choice for a hot day, and I would agree again.  But, those two factors aside, the stew was pretty tasty.  Well, there was one other factor…

When I got the plate of stew and saw that it had tripe in it, I had a feeling Mr. Moore would probably turn his nose up at the dish.  Not a huge fan of tripe myself, imagine my surprise when I asked “Have you ever had tripe before?’ and his response was “No, but I’ll try it!”

It wasn’t until he’d had a few bites of the stew (with tripe) that he said, “I’m done if you want more of the fish.”  With that, he forked another big piece of tripe into his mouth.  I can’t imagine what my face must have looked like when I realized Mr. Moore thought he was eating fish, because he immediately said, “Oh my God, what?”

“Well, honey… swallow first.”


Then I filled him in on what tripe really was and he said, “Well, now I’m really done eating it.”

The Pork Steak Sandwich was much milder fare by comparison, but equally as tasty.

And, truly, much more suitable as festival food.

To round out our meal, and to gain back any calories we burned walking downtown, we indulged in some Farturas for dessert.

These tasty treats fulfilled the requirements of being traditional Portuguese food, being very portable and they came from a truck.

So, really, they were the perfect festival food.  And perfectly deep fried and delicious.  They also left me with a perfect cinnamon-sugar kisser.


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