Away we go! (to Pennsylvania)

Friday afternoon all of the Westchester Moores piled into the car and headed out to visit the Pennsylvania Moores for a family wedding.  That means Mr. Moore and I gussied ourselves up and spent a luxurious weekend away from working on the house!

Hey, we’re not too bad looking when we try.   And, our weekend away from housework really was kind of luxurious.  We stayed at a beautiful hotel in Lancaster, PA where the wedding was being held.  The wedding was for Mr. Moore’s cousin, Chelsea, and her high-school sweetheart Cory.

I have always loved weddings, but I think that being at a wedding as a married person is different somehow.  I guess it’s ’cause you’re sitting there thinking “I remember exactly how that feels… and I would do it again tomorrow if I could.”

The wedding was beautiful, mostly because of the beautiful bride and groom, but it did have a little something to do with the beautiful venue as well.  Everything happened in the same place, which was The Cork Factory Hotel.   It was an old Cork Factory that had been renovated.  (Clever name, eh?)  Everything was wonderful; the food, the drinks, the atmosphere, and as soon as the lights went down, the dance floor was lousy with Amazing Moores.

In fact, the only thing that could tear me away from the dance floor was when the photographer set up a make-shift photobooth in the cocktail lounge.  I did my best to drag everyone in the booth with me, too.   Sadly, the photographer hasn’t uploaded the photos to his website, or I would be posting them on here!

Update: The pictures are now available! Check ’em out! Don’t miss the one of my mother-in-law trying to murder me!

After the wedding, we headed even further away from our responsibilities to Saxton, PA.

The reason we headed over the river and through the woods, was to visit with Mr. Moore’s amazing 91 year old Gram.  We had a lovely and relaxing visit with her enjoying her front porch and generally lazing about.

Then, *gulp* the 6 hour car ride home.  Have I ever mentioned I get terribly car sick??

Well,  as you can tell, I made it back in one piece and with a few souvenirs of our trip.  Mr. Moore’s cousin, Tammy, gave me a book all about canning after our intense canning conversation at the wedding, and Gram let me take all of the rhubarb growing in her garden.  So, that means you can look forward to some rhubarb recipes and my adventures in canning.

Also, when we got home we had a little gift waiting for us!  Our Dogwood tree (which we thought at one point was not going to make it…) has flowers!!


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