Found at the Goodwill

When I went to pick up Mr. Moore from work today I stopped at the Goodwill to start looking for supplies for my Christmas gifts. (Always thinking ahead!)  Well, I got so caught up in what I was doing I called Mr. Moore and told him to walk over and meet me there!

We ended up getting none of the things I need to make my Christmas gifts, but we walked away with a few old records.  As we were thumbing through the boxes and boxes of old records they have there, I came across this note and thought it was just so charming.

I didn’t walk away with the record, but the more I think about those poor students and the inauspicious circumstances they suffered through, the more I think I need to make this record a part of our permanent collection.

What we did walk away with includes an old Bing Crosby Christmas album, Edith Pilaf, Banjo music and the Baja Marimba Band!

I also got this little guy to remind me to be frugal.

It’s always a good day when I come home with a new owl!


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