Daddy’s Birthday Present

I was a little behind on giving my Dad his birthday present, but this weekend I finally had the time to devote to finishing his painting.

I really can’t imagine anything more relaxing than sitting on our front porch, listening to records and painting a picture of my favorite place on earth.

And I’m even pretty happy with how the painting of El Morro came out.

Mr. Moore was pretty pleased with it, too. So pleased, in fact, that he suggested I paint another one, exactly the same, to hang over our fireplace.

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2 thoughts on “Daddy’s Birthday Present

  1. I hope you didn’t paint him one. The whole idea of painting your Daddy an original “one of a kind” painting is for him to have the only one.

    • Don’t worry Daddy! It’s the only one in the world and it will stay that way! Todd will have to suffer my less beautiful art! xoxo

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