Fireworks, Fireworks, Fireworks!

So this 4th of July weekend was fully action packed. Friday evening we walked down by the Ossining train station where many were gathering for the Ossining fireworks show. Not only was the park by the station jam-packed but also was part of the parking lot and the road up and over the train tracks.

A band was playing, numerous vendors were there selling food and drinks. Since we showed up a little late the only spot we could find was at the end of the park by the police tape where they wouldn’t let anyone get any closer. We soon found out that there was a huge tree in our way so we walked to the parking lot and found a spot where we could stand and see them. We only had to contend with a street light. It did make the pictures a little more interesting though.

Once the show ended we tried to bee line it up Main Street to try to beat the crowds. We made it in good time but we did have to dodge a lot of slow pokes on the way.

Sunday we went to a friends BBQ where my friends, who look like kids in a candy shop every time they go to get fireworks and over use their buy one get one free cards, brought an assortment to light off. The party started at 3 where we began by admiring our friends house, Fire pit which I want to build one of, and propane starting charcoal grill which none of us have seen before. Then we ate some really good homemade food which included my one bbq weakness (well I guess it’s not the only one but I can never resist) Onion Dip and ridged potato chips. After some food in everyone’s stomaches the natives started becoming restless and couldn’t resist starting the show early. A few tank fights,

parachuters and some dodging stray sparks later it finally got dark. With the help of the neighbors, who were having their own party, a spectacular firework show was displayed.


We closed the weekend off with a trip to Rockland County to my in-laws house. Mrs. Moore started by making two blueberry rhubarb pies, then we walked to her Auntie Sue’s house where they have had a front row view to a fireworks show at school right in the distance for close to 15 years. We ate some more great BBQ food, more onion dip and chips. Some sparklers were handed out to the kids that were there and the driveway lit up.

After some small fireworks we took our seats in the yard to watch the show. My mother-in-law then pulled out two pairs of 3D Firework glasses

and we all took turns using them. It was pretty cool to see but really bright. Luckily it worked when I put the glasses to the lens of my camera.

One thing we noticed instantly as the show began was that the clouds of smoke were heading in our direction. Shortly thereafter cardboard remains began to fall from the sky and land around us. Every once in a while a burning ember would fall and everyone would follow it to the ground. As the finale began Mrs. Moore jumped up and started jumping around and yelling bloody murder. She was hit by a piece of a firework and had to try to get it out of her dress. Luckily, she didnt get any burns from it and once she was ok she sat back down and we watched the remainder of the show. When the show was over we gathered our things to say goodbye to everyone. But before we could leave, a hot ember must have fallen on a paper tablecloth and it started a fire which my sister-in-law quickly put out. The ground around us was covered with the remains of fallen Fireworks who gave their beings via glorious fireballs up in the sky.

All in all it was a great weekend. Too bad we had to go back to work on Tuesday.


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