Our Front Porch

One great thing about our little house is our front porch.  It took some work to get it to its current shape but it is so nice to be able to sit outside in the shade whenever we want.  We started by moving the front door, installing new windows and cleaning the porch off.

It was a junk collection site since it was out of the house but it was out of the rain and had been since we moved in.  I recently had to finish up the wood work around the windows since replacing the asbestos siding under the windows wasn’t going to work.  Our contractor suggested trimming the space below the window and then adding MDO plywood to the inside of the trim.


Some white paint and voila looks like it a nice architectural touch.  After that I just had to caulk and foam insulate around the door and windows to seal it all up.  Once the construction was done we bought a wicker furniture set from our local Pharmacy.  We stole our patio table from the back deck and bought some window flower boxes to make this our perfect outdoor relaxing and eating spot.  We’ve eaten many a dinner out here as well as Mrs. Moore’s blueberry rhubarb custard pie.



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