Vacation Brain

For the past month (give or take) Mr. Moore and I have been suffering from an illness sometimes referred to as “Summeritis” or “Vacation Brain”.

Look at us suffer.

VB is a condition in which the “sufferer” experiences an inability or a lack of desire to participate in any activities which resemble “work”.  These activities may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • answering e-mails or phone calls
  • typing on a computer
  • doing physical labor
  • making decisions
  • thinking about anything other than fun and relaxation

The symptoms may be brought on by any of the following:

  • Heat waves
  • Vacations
  • Summer Breezes

We seem to finally have the condition under control, but relapses are common and usually the sufferer does not fully recover until after labor day.

So, you can understand why our blogging has been a bit… lacking over the past month.

But, we’re back! (I’m back, and I’m dragging Mr. Moore with me…)

I have a few back dated posts to put up and we also have plenty of photos and stories to share from the two (TWO!) amazing trips we have taken over the past month.

And to prove that we are (almost entirely) over our case of VB, Mr. Moore and I spent all of yesterday cleaning up our house and rearranging the living room furniture (for the 900th time…).  We even went shopping for some household necessities like a shoe rack and bed risers (since we have a serious lack of storage space in our sweet little home).  AND!!  AND!!! I got a new lamp!!!

What? The news of my new lamp does not excite you?!

Well, I have to tell you, I have never in my life had such strong feelings about a lamp as I do about this one.  I saw it in the store and I knew it had to be mine.  Lucky me, the lamp was on clearance.  Even luckier me, it was the floor model and the only lamp  left.  So, with these lucky strokes of fate and our clever application of coupons, I got my dream lamp for a song!

Isn’t she lovely?!  And, just in case you are also suffering from VB, here’s a little activity to help you recover some brain activity, as it requires thought and some minor math skills.

Guess the REAL price of my lamp, and guess what we actually paid.

Price is Right rules apply.  Closest without going over wins the prize*!

Good Luck!

*there is no prize.


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