Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh!

This weekend Mr. Moore was on his own with household activities because I was over-booked with baby related events.

Saturday night I babysat this little angel:

Haley Emma.

I am in love with this baby.  She’s only visiting from Arizona, so I have to wait until December to see her and her parents (my friends Jackie and Derek) again. 😦

But, at least we got to have some fun together while she was visiting!

Then, today I went to a baby shower for my friend Danielle.

She’s having a little boy in September. (or maybe sooner…)  I couldn’t keep my hands off her belly.  Pregnant ladies love that, right??

Well, she looks happy enough in the picture. 🙂

I guess that’s really only two babies… but I had to say “Baby, Baby, Baby” so that I could get this song stuck in your head…




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