Living Room update

We’ve been working bit by bit on decorating our living room and now with a big party at our house in a few weeks, we’ve stepped things up in an attempt to have a house that looks somewhat organized.

Last week we worked on rearranging the furniture a bit and we seem to have finally found the best arrangement (ask me if I still think so in another week or two…).  So, with our furniture finally “just so” we wanted to fill the walls up so it looked like a place where people live.

so manly!

look at that concentration!

Now, with Mr. Moore’s (and my own) photography hobby, we have tons and tons of photos.   This poses a small problem as we have a serious lack of wall space to use for hanging pictures.  So, there has been some serious debate over what to hang where.  We eventually agreed to hang photos that we had our parents print out and frame as decoration for our wedding.  These include pictures of us as young children and our parents’ wedding photos.









These pictures make my heart grow three sizes…

The Baby Todd pictures also have me in a constant state of squealing.

Soon, our living room will be DONE!   Then we’ll only have four rooms left to finish, plus the basement, and the back porch, and the backyard, and the front yard, and the…




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