Pretty Kitty

Every once in a while the stars align perfectly in heaven and a miraculous event happens here on Earth. This is a story of one of those events.

On Saturday, before I went off to baby-land for a day and a half, Mr. Moore and I went to buy something at the hardware store. On our way, we saw a sign for a garage sale. We happen to love garage sales, so… we went. There was a lot of cool vintage furniture, but we are already up to our ears in vintage furniture and it was all pretty over-priced. We were just about to leave when I saw the most precious ugly-cute kitten figurine!

I had to have it.

But, this little kitty was also over-priced, so Mr. Moore said no and I begrudgingly walked away. As we got into the car, I said “I’ll never find another kitty like that one” and let out a dramatic sigh.

Just so you don’t think Mr. Moore is a total Scrooge McDuck, he went back on Sunday to see if it was still there, but, alas, the garage sale was gone.

Then, last night, as we were hanging pictures, I got a serious case of the blues. (Not related to the loss of my kitten figurine…) We decided to get dinner out at a diner to get out of the house for a little bit. On our way home, Mr. Moore suggested we stop at the goodwill. I complied despite my increasingly bad case of the blues.

When we walked through the door, the salesgirl barely looked at us and said “You have 5 minutes.”

We rushed to the back of the store determined to see as much of the merchandise as possible in 5 minutes. I looked ahead of me, and there, on the shelf, sat the most precious ugly-cute kitten figurine I have ever seen.

How could it be??

Was it possibly the same kitten I’d held in my hand just two days earlier?

Time ticking away, we hurried back to the cash register.

I asked the salesgirl when they got that kitten and she confirmed that someone had dropped off a bunch of stuff leftover from their garage sale on Sunday.

As we left the store, kitten in hand, I sighed and said, “Alright, I guess I’ll cheer up…”

How could I not? The stars had aligned so that my kitten and I could be together at last!

Whenever you have a case of the blues, remember my story and fret not! When you least expect it… the stars will align and you, too, will get your ugly-cute kitten (or something else that will make you smile…)


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