Getting Fired Up!

Well, the next two days Mr. Moore and I are devoting entirely to BBQ preparations.  That’s right, we’re having a big ol’ BBQ this Saturday, rainy forecast be damned!  Since we never actually had a housewarming party, this is our first official house unveiling.  We’re calling it our Celebration of Homeownership!

So, you probably won’t be hearing too much from us until the day after our BBQ… or the day after that… we might need some recovery time.  🙂

I’ve always loved party games (I’m a nerd, but wait until my parents have a party, then you’ll see where I get it from) so we’re having a pie eating contest and a beer pong tournament.  I’m trying to appeal to all elements, here.

And to really drive the point of my nerdiness home, right now the prizes are baking in the oven.

Want to win one of these lovely prizes for yourself??

Well, come on down to The Amazing Moore’s First Annual BBQ!

I blurred out our address and phone number because, well, I don’t want to put all that information out on the mighty internet!  But, if you REALLY want to come, and you didn’t receive one of these beautiful hand-written flyers (if I do say so myself…) in your e-mail, let me know!


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