Memories from our BBQ

I’d say our first Backyard Barbecue was a wild success!  And I’d back that up with lots of beautiful photographs, but… turns out taking photos at your own backyard barbecue is super difficult.

In fact, we only took one picture the whole time.  It was this one, of my friend Danielle playing beer pong while nine months pregnant.

Some part of me thought it would be a really important moment for us all to remember.  I can even see into the future, when her (yet-to-be-born) son goes off to college, and we give him this photo in a frame so that he knows exactly where his beer pong skills came from.  Just in case this picture horrifies anyone… Danielle did not participate in the drinking of any beer.  Also, although she and (her husband) Eric did not take home the championship mugs, they are the best beer pong players I’ve ever met.

Thankfully, Danny (the best brother-in-law a gal could ever ask for) recently jumped on the DSLR bandwagon and provided us with some proof of the days other activities.  Most notably, the Pie Eating Contest.

Now I should clear up some confusion about the Pie Eating Contest.  There isn’t actually any “pie” involved.  First of all, it would be kind of wasteful to bake a bunch of pies only to have them eaten in a speed eating contest.  Second, it’s also kind of a health hazard, and I didn’t want anyone getting sick on pies at my BBQ.  So, the “pies” were paper plates with cookies on them, that were covered with whipped cream.  The first person to eat all the whipped cream and the entire cookie is the winner.

Did I mention you also have to eat the “pie” with your hands behind your back?

The pictures of the aftermath are very valuable in determining who was a dedicated pie eater and who was phoning it in. (I’m looking at you, Danny!)


5 thoughts on “Memories from our BBQ

  1. Super cute! We definitely didn’t want to go with full sized pies because of the waste, so we ordered smaller pie tins online. My partner always gets up at the beginning and says something like, “I want a good, clean contest today… and I legally need to remind you of the international sign for choking, let’s see everyone practice that…” My sister recently became an EMT, so now we can say that we have an EMT standing by! Haha!

    • haha! That is great! My dad is an EMT, actually… so maybe next year if I’m feeling adventurous, we’ll go with “real pies” 🙂

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