I’ve been feeling pretty grateful the past few days.  First of all, we pulled off a pretty great BBQ which included setting up one giant tent, three smaller tents & a bunch of tables, grilling up burgers & dogs for 40 or 50 of our closest  friends and entertaining those same 40 or 50 people including giving tours of our house.

That last part was reliant on the fact that our house was clean!  Which is the second thing I am thankful for… my clean house!  As Mr. Moore likes to say “the best thing about having a party is using it as motivation to clean the house.”  Based on that logic, I’d like to propose we have weekly parties, because life is so great with a clean house.  Seriously.

Finally, since I didn’t have to spend my day cleaning, I had some time for artistic pursuits!  What better thing to make when feeling thankful than thank you cards for those lovely individuals who helped us out at our BBQ with edibles or other necessities?

I also got to finally use these cute, cute, cute little letter stamps I got for a dolla’!

And, Mr. Moore and I got to take some nerdy  artsy photos…

So very much to be thankful for!!


One thought on “Thankful

  1. We couldn’t agree more with your sentiments on enjoying a clean house! When we had a recent dinner party, it was our excuse to really scrub the house clean since redoing the basement and it has been MORE than awesome living in such clean digs the past week. I second your idea of weekly parties because it is that great to live with floors so clean you could eat off them (as my sister put it)!

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