New Kicks

I just spent what might be considered an embarrassing amount of time involved in a photo shoot using my iPod and my new sneakers.  The other embarrassing aspect of this is that it was all done while in my nightgown, at 6 p.m., on a Thursday, because I lead a non-stop thriller lifestyle.

I would like to tell you that the reason I am so excited about these new shoes is because they come from a really great, green, socially responsible company (they do) but in truth, that’s only about 10% of the reason why I am so enamored.

The other 90% of my excitement lies in the name.  It all goes back to, oh… about 10 months ago before I was Mrs. Moore.  Back in those days, I used to be known as Miss Ramos.  I think Ramos (Rah-Mos, not Ray-mos or Ram-os) is a pretty kick ass name.  So kick ass, in fact, that I was really hesitant to give it up.  But, as you can tell, I did.  Now, I’m Mrs. Moore, and darn proud to be.  But, I’ll always be a Ramos on the inside.  And now, I’ll also be a Ramos on my feet.

That’s right, my new shoes are called The Ramos!  Come on! I love it so much!  So much that I spent twenty minutes taking this series of photos in my nightgown, sometimes upside down.

Even Jack likes my new kicks… well the box at least.

B-T-W, are the cool kids still saying “kicks”?  I’m clearly out of touch…

Funny story, I just googled “kicks slang” to see if anyone was like “only lame-asses say that” and on the Urban Dictionary page for the term “kicks” was an ad for the Keep Shoe Company.  No lies!

Now the new question is… do the cool kids still say “lame-asses”?

(This could go on all night…)


5 thoughts on “New Kicks

  1. When I first met your dad he was Pablo Ray-mos. Then I met his family who called him Paul or Paulie, so he became Paul Ray-mos, then all of a sudden he was Pablo Rah-mos. Just be glad I don’t call you “lame-ass”

  2. Sweet kicks! I say kicks… Because it’s rad that’s why. I also still occasionally rock my acid wash jeans and a ‘button your fly’ t-shirt. Lame-asses be damned!

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