Come on Irene!

If you ask around about me, you might hear me described as a “worry wart” or a “nervous nelly” or even as a “crazy person”. And those descriptions *might* be accurate. But, I’d rather be prepared and have nothing happen then be unprepared and have my lawn furniture fly through my windows and impale me… So, I’m okay with those descriptions.

As you may have gathered, Mr. Moore and I spent the morning preparing our home for the impending hurricane. So, our windows are taped up, any loose furniture from outside is now inside, our cell phones are charging, our fridge is on high, and I’m getting one last blog post in before the end of times. The only things left to do are to fill our tub with water and cross our fingers.


Actually, now that I’ve done everything that the National Weather Service has advised me to do… I’m *kind of* excited! I can think of worse ways to spend my weekend than holed up with my husband and our kitties playing Rummy Five-Billion (we have an ongoing game…) and eating up all of our perishable food by candlelight.

So, come on Irene… we’re ready for you!!


Just please, please, please leave our trees alone!

Kay! Thanks! Bye!


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