Irene: The Aftermath

Some people have been calling Hurricane Irene a “Hurricane of Over Reactions”.  I think those people are jerks.  Irene may have spared a lot of people, but she also saw to it that some families are now without power, water, roads, or even homes.

We can count ourselves among the lucky ones who got away with no damage to our home and only a short power outage (about 12hrs… short compared to the families who’ve been without power for days).    Before we knew Irene was going to spare us, we spent hours watching the news, which was… terrifying.  And probably a bad idea for a worrywart like myself. I was up most of the night fretting about the huge trees on our property which were swaying in the wind like tiny saplings, but my fretting was all for naught.

When we went for a walk the next day, after the storm had seemingly passed, we assessed the damage around the neighborhood.

If she doesn't want to destroy people's lives anymore, Irene might have a future as a hairdresser.

Turns out our neighbors were not so lucky.  Our backyard neighbor had a tree fall onto the roof of his home (luckily it didn’t do much damage).  And, on Sunday, after the main part of the storm had passed, our next door neighbor had a tree fall (away from his house, thank goodness).

It was that tree falling that caused the worst impact (for us) of Hurricane Irene.  As I was walking from our house to meet Mr. Moore on the other side of the street to WATCH the falling tree, he called for me to hurry (so I didn’t get hit by the tree) and in my hurrying, my foot went into a hole in the yard and… PAIN!!!  For the record, the tree took another hour to actually fall down.

That’s around the same time we lost power.  So, I put my foot up, read by candlelight, and then we went to sleep because it was dark and there was nothing better to do.

I woke up in the middle of the night in agony.  I don’t know if earlier I was still on an adrenaline high from running to safety, or if my body just took a couple hours to register the fact that something in my foot was seriously messed up, but whatever happened, I hardly slept because I was in so much pain.

So, to the doctor we went.  Then, to the x-ray technician we went.  Then, to a different x-ray technician we went because the first one had no power.  And finally, the results: a cracked 4th metatarsal in my left foot.  Not broken, so no cast required, but injured enough to cause a whole lot of pain and to require the use of crutches for a week and a foot stabalizing brace for the next 8 weeks.


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