Happy September!

Holy Cannoli! It’s September! How did that happen?  Someone once told me that the older you get, the faster time goes by.  I think that is true.  I also think that is totally unfair.  I also think that explains why infants keep such strange hours.

But, I’ll get back to all of that in a minute, first apologies to my two loyal subscribers.  I’ve been laid up all week with a foot injury (sustained while running from a falling tree after Hurricane Irene).  It seems some people thought that meant I would be blogging up a storm.  But I wasn’t.  You know why?  Laying around and doing nothing is boring!  Really boring! And I had nothing to write about!  I couldn’t cook or do any projects or even walk without assistance.  So, I just laid around feeling sorry for myself and crying over my cracked 4th metatarsal.

But, today I walked! Kind of… it was more of a hobble… and then a wimper… followed by more hobbling… followed by Mr. Moore yelling at me for not using my crutches.  But! I feel like a normal person again! I’m on the mend!

So, now I’m brimming with energy and… can’t do much about it. So, I’m blogging about the end of summer.  I might even go backwards and write about the aftermath of Hurricane Irene.  If you’re lucky.

But, back to the issue at hand.  Summer is over!  Back to school!  Fall is coming! We’ve been using a BLANKET at night!

There'll be no more of this...

Despite the fact that this summer went by in a flash, we are coming up on my very favorite time of year!  The next four months are my favorite four.  First up: September! My birthday! (the 20th) Then, four days after my birthday Mr. Moore and I leave for a cruise going from NY to Canada.

Then it’s October!  And our 1 year wedding anniversary! Wow!  October also brings my third favorite holiday (and when Jesus and the bumblebee found each other) Halloween! (I’m already super excited for my costume!)

Then it’s November!  That’s when my favorite holiday is! Thanksgiving! (I’m already plotting my menu)

And of course… after that comes…

December! Mr. Moore’s birthday!  And regular Jesus’ birthday (my second favorite holiday…)!

Oh my goodness… summer is barely over, and I’ve already brought us to Christmastime.

Slow down, time! Slow down!


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