Welcome Nolan Thomas!

You may remember my friends Danielle and Eric from previous posts.  Danielle is most famous for her 9 months pregnant beer pong skills.  Well, she’s no longer 9 months pregnant!  On August 30th, Danielle and Eric welcomed their new baby boy!

I, of course, wasted no time in getting over to their house to greet their new bundle of joy.  And I’m happy to note that I’ll be spending extra quality time with him once his momma goes back to work.  Two days a week to be exact.  The timing couldn’t be better since the little boy I’m currently watching is going to be moving up in the world and  making some friends his own age at Day Care.

Well, without further ado… some totally precious pictures of Nolan.  Get ready for some ooo-ing and aww-ing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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