Fun at the movies

Last night we decided to take my busted up foot on the road and go to the movies.  We figured it was a pretty safe outing since it mostly requires sitting.  So, Mr. Moore dropped me off and went looking for a parking spot.  Problem was, by the time I hobbled into the theater and saw the movie times,  I saw that the next showing of the movie we wanted to see was 2 hours later.

What to do? Hobble back to the car and forget it? I’d already come so far.  See a different movie? There was nothing else good.  So, we sat around the movie theater lobby for two hours waiting for the movie to start… naturally.

We played cards for a while (I carry them around for occasions just like this one!), but when that got boring we saw a photo booth!  We love photo booths!  So, I hobbled over (and Mr. Moore walked over like a normal human being) and… Horrors! This is what we saw:

Oh, the tragedy!  Being teased by a non-functional photo booth!

But, my husband is ever so clever and decided we could use the setting and the lighting and do it ourselves!  For freesies!  So, we settled into the booth and took the following series of ridiculous photos using Mr. Moore’s iPod.  Then I spent more than a little time last night editing them to photo booth perfection on picnik.

For the record, I’m punching myself in that last photo strip…

Also, I’ve decided I want a permanent photo booth in our house.  I’m sure we have some furniture we can get rid of to make room for it…

Finally after all that fun-having, we made it into the movie theater to see “My Idiot Brother” (I definitely recommend it.)

In one of the first scenes of movie the main character is being driven through a quaint little hilly town. Mr. Moore leans over and says “Is that Ossining?” and I’m like “Haha, you’re right, it does look like Ossining.”  Then I go, “Wait, that looks JUST LIKE Ossining!!”

Then we recalled a few months ago when we saw a film production crew in downtown O-town and… a beat up truck, JUST LIKE THE ONE IN THE MOVIE!

I got super excited because… that’s my town!! I live there!!!  Then I also got super bummed that Paul Rudd was IN MY TOWN, WHERE I LIVE and we didn’t meet and become life long friends.  But, at least I have a topic of conversation to bring up (other than my adoration of him) for when we do eventually meet and become lifelong friends.

So, this Labor Day weekend is shaping up to be a pretty great one and our trip to the movies is only the begining of the exciting goings-on.

Stay tuned for more!


2 thoughts on “Fun at the movies

  1. i love the idea of a permanent photo booth in your house 😉 and btw… you have way too much time on your hands if you are making your photos into photo strips yourself!

  2. I couldn’t sleeeeeeep! And I wasn’t exactly in good enough shape to walk around and do anything PRODUCTIVE… so… this is what happened. Anyway, whatever, you love it.

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