Go Boulders!

The most “event-y” thing we did this Labor Day weekend was taking in a ballgame with my parents.

It seems having a broken bone in one’s foot severely limits fun-having options.

But, we had a totally enjoyable time at the ball game and the only hiccup was making my way up and down the steps to our FRONT ROW seats.  I know, life is so tough.

The game was in Ramapo, NY at the new Provident Bank Park.  The Boulders are a part of the Can-Am league and this was their first year playing ball.  So, it was pretty exciting to be there for one of their last games of the season.  My parents had season tickets and traded in some unused tickets for these extra seats.  They are huge Boulder’s fans and I can’t wait until they get season tickets again next year!

I’m not a crazy baseball fan, but it is pretty much the only sport I like to watch.  I know people complain that it’s a slow-moving sport, but that might be why I actually can enjoy watching it; it’s slow enough that I can understand what’s happening.

“it’s outta here!”

It also didn’t hurt that it was an exciting game and we (they) won!!

Here is a series of photos of someone hitting it out of the park for the win:

I was under the (clearly wrong) impression that this series featured Norm Hutchins, who is a player from Sleepy Hollow and therefore our neighbor.  But,yeah, there’s a problem with that assumption.  So, I have no idea who it is.  Maybe it was Howard Johnson who is apparently some kind of famous ball player… or maybe it was his son?  I don’t know.  I was actually paying more attention to The Boulder Bird than I was to the players.

Oh well, who knows?  Two things are for certain, though.  First, a good time was had by all.  And second, I always do what t-shirts tell me to do.


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