Yorktown Grange Fair

You may or may not know that Mr. Moore and I often dream about buying a farm.  I sometimes worry that people who overhear us discussing our dream might think we are incredibly morbid.  For example:

Mr. – When we buy the farm, we’ll both be so much happier.

Mrs. – I know! I can’t wait ’til we buy the farm.

We really just love the idea of a self-sustaining homestead.  Mr. Moore wants to spend his days out tilling the land and harvesting vegetables and I want to spend mine cooking and canning and gathering fresh eggs from my chicken coop and watching my husband till land.  But, we also know it’s not the most practical vocation since the decline of small farms has been steep over the last decades.

So, when we found out about the Yorktown Grange Fair, we thought it would be a pretty good way to get our farm fix.  It was also a great opportunity to get Mr. Moore warmed up to the idea of getting chickens for our backyard.  Chickens are, in fact, the number one item on my wish list.  A puppy is a close second.

Sadly, we did not come home with a chicken, or a puppy.  But we did get some nice photos.

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