Breakfast for Dinner

One of my favorite summertime memories from childhood was having breakfast for dinner.  It was usually when my grandparents were babysitting us and we would eat pancakes on the front porch.  Sometimes we would feed our uneaten pancakes to the friendly neighborhood racoons and we would follow our meal by lying on our full bellies in front of Grandma’s TV watching “Get Smart” and “Green Acres” on Nick at Nite.

So, when Mr. Moore said he was jonesing for waffles and offered to make them for us for dinner, I said “Hell yes!”

We didn’t eat them on the porch, because gosh it’s chilly out there!  And there were no leftovers but we definitely wouldn’t be feeding our neighborhood racoons because we are trying desperately to keep their kind OUT of our yard.  And now, instead of Nick at Nite, I’m writing this blog on my laptop and Mr. Moore is playing a game on his iPod.  So, I guess times have changed a bit… but what hasn’t changed is the undeniable magic of breakfast for dinner.


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