Images of our Sunday

We’ve been neglecting our blog lately.  I have a million excuses… here are a few of them:

  • My big sister got engaged, so I’ve been spending some of my designated internet time looking at wedding stuff.
  • I had my last day with my little butterball who left me to go to daycare.
  • I have the birthday blues.
  • It got cold!
  • We’ve been gearing up for our cruise.
  • I’m lazy.

So, here, a gift for our two loyal subscribers, a little teaser with images of our Sunday.  Since I have no where to go for the next few days, I should be able to catch up with some of my backlogged blogs (say that ten times fast…)

The first image is us at the goodwill, trying on winter coats.  I’ve titled this photo “Shaggy” because looking at it makes me realize Mr. Moore and I both need haircuts…

Other notes about this photo: I have no idea why it looks like Mr. Moore has a broken nose and we did NOT buy these coats.  What we did buy was {redacted} for the Christmas gifts I’m going to make and {redacted} for my Halloween costume.  I also bought an egg cup and Mr. Moore bought a light-up frisbee.  You know, the essentials.

This other photo I’ve titled “magritte on a ladder”.  This is what I saw when I looked out my front door.

Mr. Moore will be filling you in on what he was doing… soon… ish.  Right now he’s busy in the kitchen making us waffles for dinner because why not.


2 thoughts on “Images of our Sunday

    • hahaha, we never actually intended to buy them. That coat I am wearing was made for a GIANT (but it was warm) And, NO! I will not buy new things when there are perfectly good used things out there!

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