Happy Birthday!

For ten wonderful years I got to share my birthday with my lovely Nana.

I can still remember those celebrations.  Especially going to the toy store with her to shop for my birthday presents.  We would walk up and down the aisles and she would tell me to fill the cart with whatever I wanted.  As I’m sure would be the case with most children, I cannot remember any of the things she bought, but I can remember the feeling I would get when she told me I could get anything I wanted.  She called me her princess and she definitely treated me like one.

She was generous and tenacious and passionate.  I can only hope that our shared birthday has imbued me with her same good qualities.  I know that I have learned from the mistakes she made here on Earth and I hope that she is proud of the person I’ve become.

Now I’ve celebrated eighteen years of birthdays without her, but her memory is always with me.

So, Happy Birthday in Heaven, Nana!

I still miss you every day.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. There aren’t words to let you know how much your post has filled my heart. You and your sister are the greatest legacy Nana left on this earth. I am so glad you have such amazing memories of the time you spent with her. I know she is looking down on you both with pride, love, and joy.

    • Daddy, I love you so much! You may think that Natasha and I are her greatest legacy, but we would not be here if it weren’t for you and Mommy. You’ve made us the way we are, worthy of Nana’s pride, love and joy!

      Love you too much, baby!! Let’s do lunch!

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