Cruise: Day Five, at sea

In order to turn a five day trip into a seven day trip, the smart thinkers at Carnival decided we should spend day five floating around in the ocean.  Except we didn’t just float, because I guess that wouldn’t use up enough fuel or something, so we went around in circles.  Any way, this was titled our “Fun Day at Sea.”  Except, as I might have mentioned, the ship is full of old people!  So, the fun-having was a little bit limited.  We did have the most amazing morning, though, watching whales from our breakfast table.  For about 30 minutes, we sat watching sprays of water off in the distance as pods of whales passed our ship.  Then, one frisky little fella put on a show for us, poking his head out of the water, splashing around with his flippers and eventually giving us a nice view of his tail as he dove back down under water.  And then… the show was over.  We didn’t see any more little sprays of water for the rest of the day.  I was too enthralled by the whales and they were too far away for me to take any photos of them with my iPod, so you’ll have to wait for Mr. Moore’s DSLR photo post to see the evidence.  Other than whale watching, we also watched a hairy chest contest and ate a metric ton of free food.  Because what else are you supposed to do all day long on a ship in the middle of the ocean??

Here’s the day in photos:

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