Cruise: Day Six, Halifax

Halifax, Nova Scotia was definitely our favourite port.  We definitely would go back there again.  We’d had a biking excursion planned for this port, but since our first excursion had been cancelled, we checked with the shore excursion staff and found out that the tour had only two guests booked (that’s us!) and needed at least six participants to run. So, we begrudgingly cancelled and booked ourselves a little sailing excursion on a tall ship.  Once we got into port, we inquired about renting bikes and were happy to find out there was a cute little bike rental place right on the dock.  So, we went on the Tall Ship Silva and then rented some adorable bikes and went around a beautiful park in Halifax.  We had packed ourselves a lunch from the breakfast buffet, so we had a nice picnic overlooking the Halifax bay.  Especially considering our disappointment about our excursions being cancelled, we had the most lovely time in Halifax.

Here’s the day in photos:

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2 thoughts on “Cruise: Day Six, Halifax

  1. man… those old people really messed up your excursions! glad you got to rent bikes though and take a dozen or so photos of the bikes you rented 😉

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