Happy Holidays!

You may have noticed that Mr. Moore and I have been on an unannounced (and unplanned) Holiday Haitus.  I’d mention that we’ve been busy over the past two and a half months, but, hell, who hasn’t been??

It all started when we had a blizzard on Halloween.

You might remember hearing about, or being in the middle of, a treacherous snow storm in the end of October, right in time to ruin all of our Halloween plans.  If you watch the linked video, you’ll hear one NYer express what we were all thinking as he says “Holy [bleep]”.  The [bleep]iest part of it all, though, was the fact that the storm left us without power for almost a week.  During that week, I had a few blogs planned.  Including one about the tombstones I made for our front yard.

And our Halloween costumes.  Charlie Chaplin and a Hipster.

But, obviously, I never got to them and then we started planning and prepping for Thanksgiving, which we hosted at our house this year.  I made a pretty good spread (if I do say so myself) but the runaway hit of the evening was my Brussels Sprouts.

Thanksgiving was followed immediately by an engagement party for my beautiful big sister and her fiance.

Then, of course, after Thanksgiving, Christmas preparations went into Hyper-Drive.  Starting with the staging, editing and printing of our 2011 Christmas Card.

That was a saga which ended in a screaming match over the phone with UPS and the fact that we won’t be having anything fragile delivered to our home by UPS anytime in the near future.

Christmas prep also included the homemade gifts we gave to my family.  We made and froze some meals and delivered them along with all the accoutrements needed for a family game night (for my aunt & her fam), or a Mexican fiesta (for my sis & her friends), or a romantic evening for two (for my mom & daddy).

And all of that bring us to today, the final Holiday of the Holiday Season… New Year’s Eve.  To wish you a Happy New Year and kick off our return to blogging, we have prepared this video for you.  This one is about 4 years in the making since it was filmed in 2007 on our very first Christmas together.  After shooting it, each Christmas we said, “We really have to edit that video” and then each New Year passed and… the raw footage stayed collecting e-dust in the vault.

But, finally, it’s here, and we hope you enjoy it in good health and happiness as we welcome the year 2012!


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