I love (fudge) babies!

Last night, while it was ELEVEN degrees out, Mr. Moore and I tried to stay warm inside.  We ate hot soup.  We wrapped ourselves in blankets.  We played video games by the fire.  Then we made fudge babies.

And. Ho. Ly. Crap.  These fudge babies are so darn tasty.

I am in love.

If you are even a casual reader of the blog “Chocolate Covered Katie“, then fudge babies need no introduction.  If you aren’t a reader of Katie’s blog, and you have any interest in desserts/eating healthy, you should definitely check it out.  I’ve made a few of her recipes, like this incredible cookie dough dip, and they have all been great.  And!  Healthy!!

Like, really healthy, not like “substitute Splenda for sugar” healthy.

And…in case I didn’t make my point earlier, they are really tasty! Not like, “meh” tasty.  Like… eating an entire batch by myself tasty.  (I didn’t really do that, but… even if I did… they’re healthy, don’t judge me)

Anyway, on her site Katie asks that people not re-print her recipes online, which is part of why this post is so link-heavy.  But do not hesitate to GO TO HER BLOG.  In fact, why are you still here? Go check out Chocolate Covered Katie! Go now!


One thought on “I love (fudge) babies!

  1. I am living proof that they are indeed tasty! From the girl who loves dessert so much that a viennese table and candy bar will be at her wedding, these healthy desserts do not disappoint!

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