Better one? Better two?

As a glasses-wearer, I’ve often been asked why I don’t get contact lenses.  My standard response used to be that I have Astigmatism, so contacts weren’t an option.  That has become increasingly invalid since “they” have been offering contacts for people with just that infliction for probably as long as I’ve been wearing glasses.

The truth is, glasses are a part of my face.  I’m rarely ever photographed without them on, and when it was suggested I remove my glasses for our wedding photos I refused.  I wanted to look like myself.  People have often commented when I remove my glasses to clean off a smudge, “Oh wow, you look so pretty without your glasses on.”  I think that is supposed to be a compliment.  But, I feel like it would be just as complimentary to say (after removing my nose from my face), “Oh wow, you look so pretty without your nose on.”

True story: I used to think noses were horrible looking, and I spent a day cutting out or coloring over the noses in my coloring book to see what Jem or Barbie would look like without that horrible appendage on their faces.  But, no… noses are unpleasant but IMPORTANT for facial beauty.  I mean, look at Lord Voldemort.

As many people think I look pretty(er?) without glasses on, I universally think everyone looks more attractive WITH glasses on.  I make Mr. Moore try on my glasses pretty often.  He usually refuses to open his eyes while wearing them for fear that he will degenerate his perfect vision.  It’s all a part of my secret plot to turn him into a glasses wearer, because damn if he doesn’t look even more handsome with them on!

All of this is just a lead-in to tell you that I got my eyeballs checked out yesterday and I ordered myself some new spectacles on the internet.

The doctor asked if I’ve ever worn contacts and I lied a little bit when I said I hadn’t.

See: Halloween 2010

But, that was a one-time thing.  So, I told him emphatically that, no, I was not interested in getting contact lenses.  He dutifully wrote out my prescription for me, and I was all set to order some new glasses.

This will be my first time ordering glasses online, so I’m a bit nervous about the whole thing.  On they have these handy pdf versions of their glasses that you can print out so you can “try on” some different styles.  But, it’s not exactly the same as trying on glasses in Lens Crafters.

Here are some of the styles I chose from:

I’d love to leave the deciding up to you, but I’ve already ordered them.

You can still feel free to comment on my choices as you see fit, but the damage is done.


2 thoughts on “Better one? Better two?

  1. 1. Okay, the noses thing; I just died. I HEAR YA, SISTER.
    2. Have you discovered You pick 5 pairs to try, they overnight them to you, you pick, send back and get your choice with your prescription, $99 for the whole shabang! (Plus, just like Toms, every pair purchased= a pair donated!) And the glasses are adorable.

    • So, now I’m faced with a decision. My glasses arrived and they are adorable BUT the Rx is wrong! So… do I return them for the 100% refund and order glasses through Warby Parker this time?
      (which I did NOT know about until your comment) or do I just get the glasses fixed for free on Oh! The decisions!!!

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