Lentil-Walnut Burgers

As a food-loving vegetarian, I’m not a big fan of “meat replacers.”  I find them a bit counter-intuitive.  Part of the reason I became a vegetarian when I was a teenager was because meat just kind of turned me off.  I also hate preparing meat, which is why I have seldom cooked with meat, even in my meat-eating life.  My lack of passion for meat was still a part of my recent decision to get back on the vegetarian train, but less so.  This time it had a lot more to do with what I read in “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer… but that’s a topic for another blog.

I guess my point is, if I choose not to eat chicken… why would I want to eat chik’n?  These foods are also, as a rule, highly processed and not very natural.  So, they don’t fit well into a balanced diet.  I certainly understand the intention and appreciate that if I ever do crave chicken nuggets, chik’n nuggets will come to my rescue, but in general, I prefer to be a vegetarian who actually eats lots of vegetables.

I used to work with a girl who was a vegetarian (for religious purposes) and she HATED vegetables!  So, if you did not know she was a vegetarian, you might think she was the world’s biggest meat-eater.  Every day for lunch she would have some sort of fake meat product.   She even had vegetarian scallops!  I am astounded by the fact, still, that someone in the world so desired a vegetarian alternative to scallops that it was manufactured and is being sold in stores.   Presumably world-wide.

None for me, thanks.

Veggie burgers, however, I adore.

Not veggie burgers that are trying to be beef burgers, but… veggie burgers with lots of vegetables and beans and grains and good-for-you stuff.  There are some good ones available in the freezer section at the grocery store, but those types, and the type you can usually get at restaurants can sometimes be “dangerous”.

Once again, my ramblings about food and life and the universe are leading up to a recipe.  This is another one from The Moosewood Cookbook, which is one of my favorite cookbooks.  And it’s for… can you guess??? For a veggie burger, more accurately, a lentil burger.

I was going to start waxing poetic about the virtues of lentils, but seeing that I’m already past the 400 marks for my word count, I’ll refrain.

Lentil-Walnut Burgers

I found the recipe online so I won’t type it out again, but this one is a slightly different version.   The version I used (from the cookbook) did NOT include apple cider vinegar but DID include 2 beaten eggs.  Next time, perhaps I will try this other version, since we had a little difficulty with our burgers.

Two things about this recipe:

  • The burgers were delicious.
  • They did not resemble burgers at all.

I’m not sure if the second point was my fault.  I  might’ve measured something wrong, what with my aversion to measuring things.  Whatever happened, my burger mixture was more like burger batter, it was so mushy and wet.

Also, the recipe says that it makes 5 large burgers, and when I split it into 5 portions, it looked more like 5 small meatloaves.

So, I portioned off two giant-sized burgers for Mr. Moore and me, and the rest of the batter got combined with some quinoa and made into an actual normal-sized meatloaf which is now happily frozen and ready for another night’s dinner.

I put the two giant burgers in the fridge hoping they might firm up before cooking time came, but it didn’t happen.

This is what we ended up with:

Giant lentil burger pancakes.

Well, the presentation was lacking, but… the taste was terrific!  Served alongside some sweet potato fries, it was a regular All American feast!

Mr. Moore gave this recipe a “Make it again” rating, which is a good thing, considering I have a Lentil-Walnut Meatloaf chillin’ in the freezer.


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