Comfort Food

It is winter.  It doesn’t always feel like it, but it is.

To me, winter means comfort food.

That’s why you haven’t seen too many art projects/DIY projects on here lately, because Mr. Moore and I basically sit around the house with blankets on all winter long.  Nourishing our bodies is pretty much the only thing that can pull us out of our winter funk, which is why you HAVE seen lots of food posts lately.  And also why most of them are like, “This isn’t really a recipe and I didn’t really measure anything, but it’s really good.”

Today’s post won’t be any different from that, because I’m writing about grilled cheese sandwiches and I have no recipe to share with you.  I can’t imagine many foods that are more perfect and more comforting than grilled cheese.  They are perfect in their simplicity, but also perfect because the variations are endless.

On the menu today for Mr. Moore, a Grilled Goldfish sandwich.  A first in our kitchen, the concept for this sandwich was developed after Mr. Moore inquired, “What do you think it would be like if we put Goldfish on my grilled cheese?”  My reply?  “We’ll never know unless we try!”  So try we did.

Verdict: Come on… it’s bread, cheese and goldfish crackers, of course it was good!  According to Mr. Moore’s review, the fish did soften up a bit from the melted cheese, but they still added a subtle, but pleasant, crunch.

I went a little bit classier with my grilled cheese and spread a little fig butter on my bread.  Figs and sharp cheddar are two of my favorite ingredients, so I was a pretty happy lady.

Did you know that figs are excellent sources of calcium??

It’s true!  In fact, for the same portion size, you get more calcium from dried figs than you do from whole milk!

Now you know!



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