Pink Maternity Pants

Today I am rocking the most perfect pair of pink maternity pants.

It’s true.  They are pink.  They are maternity pants.  And they are so perfect, I might never take them off.

My photographer has the day off * so, you’ll have to enjoy my attempts at self photography.

*he’s actually at work, working REALLY, REALLY hard right now.

Proof that they are actually maternity pants and I do actually have the beginnings of my very own Baby Bump.

These perfect pants are the result of a perfect shopping day with my big sister.  Along with The Pants I came home with two other pairs of maternity pants; the sexiest, most flattering $14 article of clothing I have ever owned (which just happens to be a maternity dress); yellow shoes for Big Sister’s wedding AND Little Moore’s First! Outfit!

This little onesie killed us both dead in the middle of H&M.  We rolled over and died from the cuteness.

This is where I give H&M some free press for the AWESOME pink maternity pants and for the super adorable, organic cotton onesie that Little Moore will wear home from the hospital some time in October.  Now I am drooling over this little “mum & dad ❤ me” set  and the matching hats on their website!

I should also shout out Target for the hotsie totsie maternity dress that Big Sister already asked to borrow whenever her time for maternity wear rolls around.  She’ll have to rip it out of my cold dead hands!


2 thoughts on “Pink Maternity Pants

  1. Hahaha! We had such a successful shopping trip! I will also totally agree with the fact that you will be one hot mama in that black dress!!

    • I actually think it looks better on me than it does on the model on their website! I almost didn’t link it because it doesn’t look as impressive on there!

      I’ll be sure to post pictures when I wear it to Heather’s wedding! 🙂

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