Tissue Paper Flower Pins

I made these little Flower Pins for all the mommies to wear on Mother’s Day.  They are super simple to make, but everyone kept exclaiming how beautiful they were.  So, they are definitely worth the little bit of effort it takes to make them.

I tried my best to take some assembly shots so that you get the idea, but for real, they are SO easy!!

I am a notorious saver of tissue paper and wrapping paper.  People hate me on Christmas and my birthday because I carefully undo every piece of tape so that I don’t ruin the pretty paper.  But!  Look what I made!  From my saved tissue paper!

The first step, which I did not document, was cutting the tissue paper into flower-y shapes.  I did this kind of the same way you would cut out snowflakes.  Except I cut out like 20 shapes at once.

The rest is in the pictures!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check me out in my bathing suit in that last shot.  It’s because I was doing this while Mr. Moore was loading up the car for our first paddle of the summer!  I was going to share video of that with you… but, upon reviewing the video I shot we realized that at some point I started turning OFF the camera every time I wanted to start shooting, and then turning it ON when I was done.

So… we got lots of video of the inside of the dry bag.  Oops.


Questions about the project?  Leave  ’em in the comments.


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