Cake Tasting with Tash

“The internet is going to think all we ever do together is eat pastries.”

That is the comment I made to Big Sister as I snapped pictures of the cake samples we were eating on a bench outside of Office Depot with plastic forks.

We do other stuff, too.  I promise.

From the top left: “Fudge-fetti”, “Holy Cannoli”, “Peanut Butter Cup”, and “You wanna s’more?

The names are mine, but the cakes came from The Pastry Garden.

And they were good.

The only problem was that we could only eat half of each sample.  Big Sister insisted on taking some home for her fiancé to try…


7 thoughts on “Cake Tasting with Tash

  1. hahahaha… i love the names you came up with!! and btw… that was the fastest post ever! sorry auntie sue, kinda a last minute thing, the samples were supposed to be dropped off at the house but since i had the day off we drove up to the bakery…

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