Say Cheese

Mr. Moore always brings his camera with him wherever he goes, so when he’s not home, I usually don’t have access to the 10 million photos he has taken.  Which makes editing and posting photos tricky.  That’s also part of the reason I haven’t posted too much about our trip yet.

But, luckily, I had these photo booth printouts from the wedding we attended while in Vegas.  You’ll notice that I can NOT stay away from a photo booth.  Especially when there are props involved.

I am seen here as a bunny (with my viking/monkey Daddy), a bunny princess (with all of my travel companions) and a regular princess (with my Momma, the queen)…

Little Moore wanted to get in on the action on one of these shots.

I finally tracked down the beautiful bride (and her brother) and forced them to take photos with me as well.

Seriously.  I love photo booths.  I am trying to convince Mr. Moore that we need one permanently installed in our home.

Maybe when we build the addition…


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