Farm Living

Keep Manhattan, just give me that country side!

It is common knowledge around here that given the means and opportunity, The Amazing Moores would gladly relocate to a farm.

Mr. Moore would grow a million vegetables.  I would raise chickens and bake bread and cook up those million vegetables.  The cats would continue their lives as porch cats and not really contribute much.  Little Moore’s farm talents have yet to be discovered, but, if Mr. Moore has anything to say about it, his child will be right along side him playing in the dirt.

We make our small attempts at homesteading in our suburban paradise, but Mr. Moore’s garden is plagued by woodchucks and my chickens have not come home to roost just yet.  So, we have to make do.

One of the ways we are bringing the farm to us is through our CSA.  CSA, for the uninitiated, stands for Community Shared Agriculture, and we’re getting ours through Hilltop Hanover Farms.

Each week we get our pick of crops from our local farm.  Thankfully, Hilltop Hanover doesn’t seem to have the same woodchuck problems that we do at The Amazing Moores Farm.

But, we are pretty happy we get to say goodbye to the supermarket produce section for the summer.

And hello to our CSA farm stand!!!

Well, it was rainy and dark when we picked up the goods.  And… the colors weren’t quite as vibrant as the ones at Stop & Shop… but, we’re excited!!

We are also looking forward to taking Little Moore to Tomahawk Farm Pediatrics in the fall.  I cannot believe our luck that there is a local pediatricians office ON A FARM!!  They even have a pig named Arnold.

Farm living, indeed.


5 thoughts on “Farm Living

      • Hahahaha! Nope, not you… On Matt’s fb page he asked if anyone knew a good limo company and one of his friends said he could put some lawn chairs in the back of his pick-up truck and then another person made a reference to Green Acres

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