The Sweetest Sound

You guys! I have a tiny human inside of me!

I mean, yes, I’ve had about five months to get used to that idea, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still get totally overwhelmed with joy and disbelief every time I hear that sweet heartbeat.

It is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. And it is strong. And perfect. “Textbook” is what my midwife said.

That is so nice to hear.

“Soon, you won’t be able to hide it,” is another thing she said. Which is also nice to hear. Because I am definitely not trying to hide anything! I want to flaunt my belly! I want everyone in the world to marvel at the everyday miracle growing inside of me because it IS marvelous and miraculous and it makes me so happy.

Our little baby. My constant (and constantly moving) companion.



4 thoughts on “The Sweetest Sound

  1. wait a second!!! you have a baby growing inside your belly, like and actual real live tiny human?!?!?! here i was thinking it was just a food baby!

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