Craft Day

The Ramos girls love to craft.  So do the Peterson girls.  So, all us girls got together to craft for Big Sister’s wedding.

On the agenda: book page decoupaged frames.

What are they for?  For hanging on the ends of pews, of course.

After scanning the books looking for pages that might not be “church appropriate”, we cut them up into strips (I cried for the books!) and mod podged them onto the  plain wood frames.

Side note: check out my little cousin Liana’s super cute nails!!

Et voila!

Church decor!

One of the books we cut up was a romance novel set in Russia!  It even had characters named “Tasha” and “Alexis”!!

 We decoupaged fifteen frames in total, but I have to say… I think I may have decoupaged the most!!


4 thoughts on “Craft Day

  1. You most certainly did decoupage the most! And your little cousin isn’t so little anymore! So don’t let her hear you call her little! LOL

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