Do you remember that episode of the Twilight Zone where they are having this crazy heat wave and it’s because the sun is moving closer to the Earth?

I have this totally clear image from that episode of a painting melting from the heat. I always think of that when we are in the throes of a heat wave. And this is the second heat wave we’ve had since summer “began” two weeks ago.

My dad offered us an air conditioner today.

We turned it down. We just can’t let go of our hippie (cheapskate) mindset. Also, it’s kind of fun sitting around glistening with sweat for three months, isn’t it??

Then Daddy asked “when are you due again?” as a gentle reminder that my ever growing belly and I might have to endure a few more heat waves before October rolls around.

We still turned it down.

I’m pretty content now that the sun has gone down and the fan is blowing on me and my dress is pooled around my waist…

Back to the Twilight Zone. In the end, the twist is that the woman is actually hallucinating. She has a fever. In reality, the sun has fallen out of orbit and is moving away from Earth. Outside her window it’s a blizzard.

So, I’ll just close my eyes and picture a blizzard outside.


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