Beach Day with Nicole

My favorite place on Earth is the beach.

Well, I guess that’s a bit inaccurate.  My favorite place on Earth is actually sitting on the wall of Castillo San Felipe del Morro in San Juan with my legs dangling over the edge.  Technically there is a beach below… but, it’s pretty far down there, and it’s not exactly the kind of beach you lay a blanket out on.

But, to be less specific, I love the beach.

It must be my island roots.  The blood that courses through my veins is island blood.  I was born on an island.  Now I live in the suburbs… so, sometimes it’s hard to fulfill my beach needs.  In fact, last summer, Mr. Moore and I did not make it to the beach ONCE.  Not ONCE!!

So, when my friend Nicole (who also loves the beach) mentioned that she had a random day off of work, I knew that we had to go to the beach.

Disclaimer:  we went “down the shore.”  As in, The Jersey Shore.  Like, in New Jersey.

Well, there was sand, and water, anyway.  It’s not exactly Hawaii or Puerto Rico, but… it did the trick.

Especially when we topped off our hot beach day with Birthday Cake ice cream cones…


2 thoughts on “Beach Day with Nicole

  1. i feel like if you didn’t grow up on an island you will never fully understand the difference between the beach and the shore… they are two COMPLETELY different things!

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