Did you know it’s July?

This blog post shall serve as an apology for the serious lack of posting around here lately and as a promise to write some back dated posts sometime soon.

I haven’t been writing much, and I would like you to choose from the following reasons for one that suits you:

-Dude, it is HOT!
-I was at the pool without wi-fi!
-Mr. Moore has been promising that he would write some posts
-I’m pregnant, yo!
-I’ve been too busy catching Mr. Moore up on all the Harry Potter movies!
-I got lazy…

Okay, hopefully you found one up there that you like. Stay tuned for the backdated posts detailing such exciting events as:

-building an entertainment unit
-4th of July!!
-beach day with Nicole

Until then, I will leave you with this anecdote about our day:

As Mr. and I were enjoying an afternoon snack of cheese and apricots, we saw our arch-nemesis, the groundhog, outside the kitchen window!! I gave that bastard the finger through the window and Mr. opened the door and said “Excuse me!”

One of us is polite to rodents. The other is me.

Well, Mr. just loaded The Deathly Hallows part 2 into the DVD player… So… Bye!



4 thoughts on “Did you know it’s July?

  1. OK I’ll go with the “I got lazy” answer, but I’m sure your cousin would prefer the “Harry Potter” answer! She is a Potterhead after all! LOL

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