Big Sister’s Shower

One of the big projects that I have been working on lately (and which has been keeping me from blogging more often) is planning and preparing for my sister’s Bridal Shower.

It was not a surprise shower, but still the details were mostly kept secret from Big Sister so I couldn’t really blog along with my planning.

You may have noticed that my lovely sister has a bit of sweet tooth.  Like, when I blogged about us going to a cupcake festival, or eating cake samples ravenously outside of Office Max.  So, when planning her shower, I decided to make it a dessert themed shower.

The first step was designing the invitations and wording them so that people came prepared to eat nothing but sweets.  I drew this sweet little platter of cupcakes and colored it in with colored pencils.  It was simple, but seemed to get the message across.

Then, as a gift for Tasha, I also designed these Thank You cards to match the invitations.

At the party, I wrangled my Little Cousin (sorry, Liana, you’ll always be my Little the way Tasha will always be my Big…) to have the guests fill out the addresses on the envelopes.  Complete with a book of stamps, Tasha left her party with her Thank You cards halfway done!  I am notoriously bad at sending out Thank You cards, so I guess I was projecting a bit when I thought that this gift would make Big Sister’s life a little easier.

As favors for the guests I bought shower loofahs and put we put them into jumbo cupcake wrappers so they looked like cupcakes.  We tied them up with little notes that said “Thank you for showering Natasha with love.”  Although we got tons of compliments on them… it seems like we forgot to get any good photos!  So, you’ll have to use your imagination on that one.

I did make sure we got some nice shots of the sweet spread before the guests had their way with the desserts.

Now, I am pregnant.  Along with pregnancy comes some hormonal shifts, so, I am going to go ahead and let you know that I had a total break-down the day before The Shower.  I am a little bit of a perfectionist and was having trouble making my vision for this party come to life.  But, thanks to Momma and Daddy and, not least of all, Mr. Moore, the party went off pretty darn perfectly.

I am pretty pleased I married a champion swimmer, because dude has LUNG POWER… in addition to calming me down, helping me bake, listening to all of my out-there ideas for the past three months and acting as the in-house photographer for the entire party, Mr. Moore also lent his swimmer’s lungs to the cause by blowing up over 100 balloons.

Then… after the party was over… they were ceremoniously destroyed.  Mr’s hard labored breath set back into the universe.

One of my favorite things about the shower was the photo “booth” we set up.  We asked the guests to pose for a photo giving The Bride some advice or well wishes.  I will (eventually) compile those photos into a book for her to look back on.  Here’s my wish for my Big Sister.

Now, the shower has passed and it’s on to the Bachelorette Party, which is another top-secret project that will be consuming my time and focus for the next few weeks.

Then… it’s time for my baby shower…

Then… Big Sister’s wedding…

Then… Little Moore’s arrival…



2 thoughts on “Big Sister’s Shower

  1. it was an amazing shower and i really couldn’t have imagined it any differently… thank you so much! love you 🙂

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