Dandelion Wine


Last May, back when Baby Moore was just a twinkle in our eyes, I partook in a harvesting of crops from our yard which Mr. Moore likes to refer to as “weeding.”

The crops I harvested were those delightful little yellow flowers that homeowners nationwide detest for their abundance and persistence.  I like to tell Mr. Moore, “They are only weeds if you don’t want them there!”  To which he generally replies, “Yeah, and I don’t want them there.”

I happen to think Dandelions are lovely.  I also think it would be lovely to have a yard covered in clover.   Mr. Moore does not agree with either of those sentiments.  What can I say?  I love weeds.  My favorite flower is the daisy, with Queen Anne’s Lace coming in a very close second.  Mr. Moore doesn’t like weeds.  But, I may have changed his mind about the humble dandelion.

As I mentioned, this is a project that began in May of last year.  In fact, it was May 1st when I harvested our dandelions, boiled them down and began the process of turning them into wine.  I remember the exact date, because I decided this year we would have a May Day party and “uncork” our wine after a year of fermentation.

That didn’t happen.  May 1st of this year I was still pretty much in the throes of my horrendous first trimester illness.  The very last thing on my mind was having a party at which we would drink homemade wine.

But, we recently mentioned our first attempt at wine-making to some friends of ours and they were genuinely interested in trying our weed wine.  So, when we went over to their house for dinner, we brought a jar of wine.

I was a little disappointed that the timing of the uncorking did not allow me to really partake, but I was happy to watch my loved ones imbibe.

I did take a few sips myself and can attest that it was GOOD.  It tasted almost like port wine, but lighter.  Very sweet (I do seem to recall adding quite a bit of sugar…), but not cloyingly so.  It’s a bit hard to describe, but, it was successful. Everyone agreed and no one seemed to keel over from my home brew.  No one seemed to get too much effect from the alcohol content, either.  It’s possible that I was successful in making a completely non-alcoholic dandelion wine, but the odor that greeted us when we took the lid off of the jar suggests that there was DEFINITELY some booziness going on in there.

Unfortunately, these blog archives begin at the end of May 2011, so I never wrote about the process of making the wine… So, if only I can find the recipe I used last time so I can make another batch with next years batch of weeds…

Maybe I’ll just look up how to make bathtub gin instead…



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