Energy for New Moms

Today we had our last childbirth class.  After spending six weekends with the other expectant couples, I had grown rather fond of them and decided to make some parting gifts.

The class was wonderful and was led by our friend, and fellow Green Ossining enthusiast, Victoria.  The course is called Birthing from Within and I honestly can not say enough nice things about the time we spent with Victoria and the other families.  Mr. Moore and I both got so much out of spending a few hours with other (like-minded) expectant parents each week.  And, as long as my contractions are about as unpleasant as holding a handful of ice… I’m totally going to rock at labor. 🙂

Another thing we really liked about the course was that it really focused on our experiences.  It was not all about the baby, it was really about our journey to becoming parents.  In that spirit, I wanted to make something that would honor the other Moms-to-be and allow them to spend some time taking care of themselves after their babies arrive.  I decided to make bath tea, and since they are all going to be first time mommies, I made an energizing blend.  Here is the recipe I used.  I quadrupled it, which made MORE than enough for the four tea bags I needed to make, but, I am happy to have some leftover so I can energize myself after Little Moore gets here, too.

I have also been periodically opening the jar of tea and just inhaling the incredible aroma for a little energy boost.  It works!

Energizing Herbal Bath (for New Moms)

  • 3 tbsp dried peppermint (you can use peppermint tea, same diff)
  • 3 tbsp dried rosemary
  • 2 tbsp dried basil
  • 1 tbsp ground oatmeal (this is excellent for your skin)
  • 5 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 3 drops orange essential oil

Combine all the dry ingredients and spoon into a muslin tea bag or cheese cloth.  Put the essential oil drops in before gathering the bag or cloth closed.

Directions for use:

Hang tea bag on the faucet so bath water runs through it.  Once bath is full, place tea bag in the water.  Soak for at least 20 minutes.  You may also scrub your body with the tea bag.

That’s it.  It’s super easy to make, it smells wonderful and it’s really a very lovely gift to give and receive.  If you wanted to make a bigger gift out of it, you could easily make a pretty jar full of the tea and attach a reusable muslin bag and a small spoon or a metal tea infuser.  Though, if you did attach the latter, I would take out the part about scrubbing your body with it…


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