Toys for Baby

Lately we’ve been focusing a lot on events for Big Sister’s wedding (which is just over one month away!!).  But, we have a lot of projects that we were hoping to work on in preparation for Little Moore’s arrival (which may be just about two months away!!!!).  This weekend we moved forward on a project that we’ve been thinking about for a while.

It all started when I was starting to add stuff to our baby registries and saw this beautiful activity gym.  Mr. Moore and I don’t really LOVE baby toys made out of garishly colored plastic.  In fact, we kind of detest them.  Sorry, plastic toy lovers!  Our house is not very large, and most of Little Moore’s toys and furniture will be taking up permanent residence in the common areas of the house, we really want to have things that we won’t mind looking at.

We also really don’t like the short-lived nature of most baby items.  There are some things that really cannot be avoided.  Like baby clothes.  I don’t know if you know how fast babies tend to grow, but… it’s fast.  And you constantly have to provide them  with clothes that fit.  It can be a bit overwhelming to cheapskate minimalists  like The Moores.

But, when we can avoid one-use or short-use items, we do.

So, back to that beautiful $200 activity gym.  It really is beautiful, and something I wouldn’t mind having in my living room.  And, it could easily become a family heirloom.  And… I took one look at the photo and said, “We can totally make that.”  So, I sent the photo to Mr, and he agreed.

The plan was beginning to form.

As we were getting our supply list together, and discussing the structure Mr. Moore asked, “How long do you think Little Moore will use this thing, anyway?”  I hesitated to tell him how short-lived activity gyms actually are, and tried to distract him by saying how wonderful it will be when all of our children get to use this beautiful toy that we made for them.  I went on about how our grandchildren will also benefit from our handiwork someday.  I was really selling the point…

But, I knew he was right.  We were setting out on a project that might benefit our baby for only a few months.  We had to come up with a way to make it multi-purpose.

Then!  Inspiration struck!  In the car, on the way home from Home Depot, the light went off over my head!  We would make the structure roughly in the shape of a house.  So, when Little Moore gets older, we can hang a sheet from one side  to transform it into a play house.

Right now, the structure is still in the conceptual phase, but here’s a little preview of the plans.

I did,  however, start working on some toys that will hang from the activity  gym during Little Moore’s earlier days of playing.  I didn’t really do too much of a tutorial here, but Mr. Moore did take a few pictures of me stitching raindrops onto the blue cloud (Lazy Daisy stitches… if you’re curious), and stuffing it with batting.  The cloud also has a little rattle inside, which I fashioned out of some rice and scraps from around the house.


The orange flower and green leaf have crumpled up cellophane inside so they crinkle.

Maybe you’ve noticed the pattern?  It’s a rainbow… But, I still have to work on a red bird and something purple!

I can’t think of what to make with the purple felt.

Any ideas???


3 thoughts on “Toys for Baby

  1. I have a feeling you’re going with a whole nature theme here and don’t want to repeat by doing another flower… You could always do an insect in purple, a butterfly, a caterpillar or dragonfly…

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