I might be Nesting

Over the past few days I have written out lists and lists of chores to do around the house and formulated a plan to get this darn house CLEAN well before the baby gets here.

I might be nesting.

Like a mama cat

Saturday, I ironed curtains.  Not just because they were wrinkly (which they were), but as a part of our ongoing efforts to get our Living Room in order.  The curtains had actually been hanging in our living room for the past two years unhemmed.  The ironing was in part to hem them so that they wouldn’t look like they had been cut to size with a pair of kitchen scissors (which they were).

Yesterday, though, was a real treat.  Mister and I spent the better part of our day organizing the kitchen.  I was tempted to say “reorganizing”, but that would suggest that some sort of organization existed in the first place, which would be a bit of an untruth.

Mr. Moore gets super big credit for his help in this endeavor because it consisted  very much of me perching my swollen body on the counter top and ordering him to remove everything from the cupboards.  Following this, I told him which items I wanted to get rid of and gave him very specific configurations about how to return the desired items back to the cupboards.  And, all of this after he had spent the previous day and night bacheloring around with Big Sister’s fiance.

Needless to say, he wanted to call it an early night.  After he passed out on the couch with a belly full of ice cream, I went back into the kitchen to keep organizing.  I was literally unable to sit still thinking about the work left to be done.  Mommy, is this the feeling you’re always talking about when you can’t sit still?!?

I really wish I had taken before pictures of our kitchen drawers and cabinets so that  you could appreciate the change as much as I do.  But, I didn’t.  So, you’ll have to take my word for it.  It is a vast improvement.

Today, so far, I have (possibly literally) broken my back cleaning all of our kitchen appliances.  As I write this I am considering whether I should go to the store to get the last few items needed to finish my kitchen overhaul, or if I should go take a nap.

What do you think?

Yeah.  I think a nap sounds pretty good, too.


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